Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 - Bibles for everyone - we're gonna need it.

Having it personalized was a special reminder that our relationship with Jesus is personal.
God speaks to each of His kids differently.

Every year, since 2012, I would always talk to my husband about getting personalized Bibles for the family since I felt that God was trying to do something in my life and with our family. BUT every year I would fail to follow through with my intention because, in all honesty, I really didn't see the point. 
The urge I "felt" would eventually subside and I'd realize how silly I was to purchase something I could get for free.

Besides I had better things to buy with my money and spending it on a book I didn't fully believe as "Truth" was not on my priority list.

If I really wanted one, all I had to do was simply ask the church for one. Obviously, I didn't really want one.

Then in 2013 a church I was visiting gave me a real, brand new, still in the wrap, full Bible. :)

I don't know why they felt that I needed it since I had only visited a couple times but God's timing was perfect.

My first real Bible. :)
If there was anything I needed at that time it was God's written word, in my hand, to help me. I was lost, scared and confused as to why my little family of four was being uprooted.

For a few months that year my daughter was traveling with me up north and my son stayed home with his dad. 
That was a tough year but when I look back to that time -- so much spiritual growth happened for all of us. God knew what He was doing.

Thank God for technology! We stayed connected mostly through texts.:)

When 2014 came around that Bible became my biggest comfort as I walked with a friend who was dying of cancer. He got his diagnoses and within 3 months he was gone. 
Weeks before and after his death I slept with that Bible on my chest because something inside of me hurt so bad that I literally couldn't sleep without it on me. I needed it even more when I was with his kids. 

During that time God's word became VERY precious to me. I needed it more than food.  

I lost a lot of weight during that season because I had no desire to eat. Not a good way to lose weight but a LOT of things changed inside of me.

My heart and my mind were no longer the same... I had changed.
He was gone too soon!

Then 2015 came with a whole lot of EVERYTHING. Some ups but LOTS of downs. Lots.

If I could title my 2015 year it would be: The year I held on!

Oh, I can not even begin to share how many times God has had to hold my head up so I wouldn't drown in all that was coming my way.

Just these past two weeks alone a tree almost fell into our living room, our pipes busted on Christmas Eve, our refrigerator decided to stop working and the holiday festivities are at home again since no one else could accomodate the occassion.
And the worst... I was recently notified about an evil act against children that I can't discuss right now because there is an ongoing case. My past is back. 


I know God has a plan. I know it... and I WILL WAIT!
The tree should have fallen into our living room taking out my year round nativity. But God....

Every time I dropped down to pray all I could hear God say was: 

"Surina, just hold on to Me. I got you."

What was I holding on to?? EVERY SINGLE PROMISE IN HIS WORD!!!
  •     His promise to protect
  •     His promise to redeem
  •     His promise to guide
  •     His promise to provide
  •     His promise to vindicate 
 and so many more promises to HOLD ON TO...
Actually, I've held on so much and so hard to the Bible given to me that it has started to fall apart. 
I tried to be more gentle and I thought about gluing or taping it together but I truly felt like it was time to finally INVEST in the ONE BOOK that I saw no point in purchasing with my own money.

Now, God's word has become so precious to me that I consider it absolutely PRICELESS.
It has LITERALLY become AIR for me! I need it DAILY!

It keeps me sane in this insane world!!!

I know that my family is entering 2016 with a FULL plate of challenges ahead of us but I BELIEVE GOD has us in the palm of His hand as we STAND FIRM on His written promises in our hands!

"Your words were found, and I ate them,
And Your word was to me the joy and rejoicing of my heart;
For I am called by Your name,
O Lord God of hosts." ~Jeremiah 15:16