Sunday, February 22, 2015

Lets Address: Fear, Porn, People and Jesus

This past Tuesday I felt a gnawing inner prompting to finally come out and share what Jesus was doing in my life and how He was just flowing Himself out of my YUCKY past and so with MUCH PRAYER and a LOT of sleepless nights --- to Facebook I went:

Well, after sharing my journey I felt so much freedom and peace. Awww... I could finally breath.
However, after about 2-3 hours I was hit with a "HOLY CRAP! WHAT DID I JUST DO!?" moment.

Oh, how quickly the enemy attacked me in full force as he brought to mind all the family members that are on my list and the hurt I would cause by such a public admission.
  • My parents (who didn't know where I was for several years), 
  • My siblings (some who knew where I was but never asked questions), 
  • And church members that have sat in groups with me but have never heard this part of my past. 
But in all honesty, I had forgotten about it. Jesus was making me a new person. Why talk about such trash? Especially when Jesus was offering me a new and better life?

It is my belief that the most important reason why God placed it on my heart to be so open and transparent is because His children (the ones that call themselves "Christian" a.k.a. followers of Jesus Christ) are being led astray to believing that the porn flic "50 Shades of Grey" is just a movie. And not just a "provocative and disturbing movie" as proudly promoted by Christ-professing athlete Russell Wilson But a pornographic movie that can also bring "ALIVE" a dying and boring relationship. What??? Seriously?!!
So, let me get this straight:
A mainstream porn focused on bondage and sexual torture brings forth "life"???Are you kidding me?!! Noooooooooooo!!!! 
I'm newer to the Christian faith and even I'm not that dumb. Come on! Children of the Living God, followers of Jesus Christ -- you KNOW better!!! Do NOT be deceived!!!
Didn't Jesus already pay the ultimate price for your freedom? Why choose to be bound again???

Oh, how much the Father must be mourning. I know He wants His kids to KNOW that they are watching and filling their hearts and minds with evil lusts that will only bring them destruction and DEATH. That is what awaits them.
Did we learn nothing from the Israelites?? We, like them, will gain nothing but suffering for our blatant disobedience.

We ALL know this from the THOUSANDS of people that have suffered at the hands of  sexual abusers and delusional "fantasy seekers".
Sex-trafficking is a huge cash cow. Child porn and rape are both on the rise and it's because of pornographic films like these. But, unfortunately, the people that God has called to be His hands and feet in situations like these are too busy trying to glorify themselves and using their God-given platforms to promote sin. How sad! So very sad!
I've met Russell Wilson several times and I'm SO saddened by his confession and promotion of this pornography. Especially, when he also confesses Jesus Christ.
"Does a spring send forth fresh water and bitter from the same opening? No!" - James 3:11
No! I don't have time for fear! I don't have time to appease people in their sin. It's time to love my neighbors enough to say "BROTHERS AND SISTERS, IN CHRIST, YOU'RE GOING THE WRONG WAY!!! TURN AROUND!!! GOD LOVES YOU!!!". 

So, after days of being tormented about how people will see me, I've come to the conclusion that because of Jesus it really doesn't matter. I refuse to hide Jesus' redemptive work due to fearing people! I don't have room to care about their judgements. I only have room to care about people coming to know the REAL JESUS.

I want people to be free in Jesus. I want people to love themselves enough to love others PROPERLY. I want people to not be bound to addictions. Most importantly I want people to SEEK JESUS in breaking generational curses. Children should not be burdened by their parent's sinful choices and the curses that follow. Children need JOY! THEY NEED JESUS!!!

I refuse to continue hiding due to fear  because I love people and the God that created them.

If I call myself a follower of Jesus Christ then I am His disciple and as His disciple I honor Him with surrendering my WHOLE LIFE. My past, present, and future. NO MATTER THE COST!!!
People, family, and friends will come and go but JESUS IS FOREVER!!!

Luke 14:26
26 “Anyone who wants to be My follower must love Me far more than he does his own father, mother, wife, children, brothers, or sisters—yes, more than his own life—otherwise he cannot be My disciple."